After spending many years bartending, serving and managing in the service industry,
I felt locked in my position as General Manager. It seemed as though I would have to choose between my job or being a mother. It became blatantly obvious I would never get ahead there. I can’t lie I thoroughly enjoyed the service industry but it becomes very hard on you, especially with young children. I had just stepped down as General Manager when I saw a post on Facebook from a friend. It was for Sales and Leasing at Experience Nissan in Orillia, Ontario. I’ll spare the details about anxiously waiting to hear the decision, I am here so we all know the end result… I was hired! I immediately felt relived, it was a new life more my family. So many steps in the right direction and it seemed like this was the cherry on top. I was officially licensed on Tuesday (my day off) and I officially sold my first car Wednesday! I am so incredibly excited to feel free! Only you can break the chains and make the changes you are waiting for. You’re worth it.

I have to be honest, I struggled for quite some time, between mental health, self esteem issues and alcoholism my life seemed like a fight constantly. I struggled to maintain relationships, friendships, my own personal health. I was a disaster. It was self inflicted, I had many chances to to straighten things out but I was consumed with pain and anger. I refused to take blame for anything, and was convinced that wallowing in self pity would eventually get me somewhere. It did, stuck in a dark whole with friends who refused to deal with me, children who refused to talk to me and hating myself. Life throws you curveballs constantly, and it seemed like it was all I was getting. We don’t have the power to choose what is thrown at us but we do have the power to choose how we will deal with it. I am one year sober May 14th, and if I have realized one thing it is that you are NOT locked in to anything. I realized that excuses were keeping me “locked”.

I am 31 and for the first time I feel like I am adulting. I am making good choices for me and for my children. I care less about what has happened to me and more about where I am going. I try to understand why and where people are coming from instead of envying their successes and rejoicing in their failures. I am in a place where I don’t want to be consumed by the past or hold ill will towards anyone. I want to move forward  and I want all of you to move forward too.

This is a picture we took for Meet Our Team  🙂 I am standing in front of a 2016 Titan HD Diesel Pro 4X Luxury Package. IMG_0778

Love xoxox



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