Never Ending Carousel

Never ending carousel

Everything in darkness

Terrifying even

Malevolence surrounds me

Simply going through the motions

Never stopping

Never ending

It was different before

The ups never quite made up for the downs

I felt incapable of love

Unworthy even

An object to be objectified

Face with no voice


Spinning uncontrollably

Never Ending…




3 thoughts on “Never Ending Carousel

  1. You should write more frequently. Check your FB messages too… perhaps. In any event, great stuff as anyways. Your brain is awesome.


      1. Maybe they are just mind ramblings… but they are a window into who you are. It’s a sample of how deeply you analyze the world you’re in and what occurs around you. Maybe this time I won’t make a grammatical error in my comments. That drives me nuts.

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