She Was..


She was the epitome of perseverance.

Once again it had come full circle.

Her only wish was acceptance for days past.

After everything, it is unbelievable she is still smiling, still standing even.

Sadly, many would have given up long ago.

Believe me she had tried.

A shattered mess, like so many times before.

The most recent, sure not to be the last.

For a single moment you think you have her figured out, that you truly know her.

The truth is, I don’t think a single person does.

The truth is, I don’t think she does.

She was strength even at her weakest.

She was compassionate even for those who did not deserve it.

She was brave even when she was fearful.

She was light even in her darkest moments.

She smiled at the malevolence of the world.

In each moment slaying every dragon.

Sure at times she wanted to be weak.

At times she did not want to fight.

Yet, every time she fought.

Every time she faced the wreckage.

Every time she came out on top.

There is danger in a woman who can rise from the ashes.







2 thoughts on “She Was..

  1. A very strong and powerful read.I recently saw the Netflix series “13 reasons why” where they tell the story of a teenager and what drove her to suicide. You poem resonates with the main character.


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