Fly HighĀ 

As the sun began to rise she let go. Set free from the atrocities that prisoned her mind.  Set free from the demons that shackled her soul.  Sadness and sorrow fill every ounce of your being.  Remember the way she smiled. Remember the way she loved. Remember the excitement, the joy, the laughter.  Remember the… Continue reading Fly HighĀ 

For every moment.

She watched the curves of his smile, taking in every scar, every imperfection that made him perfect. She memorized his eyes, his lips and the softness of his touch. She imprinted his voice in her mind to replay. She carried the weight of not only her choices, but also his. For everything she knew, for… Continue reading For every moment.

Stay Calm, Sounds So Simple

Stay calm they say. Relax they say. You’re overĀ reacting they say. I am fighting a war everyday, some days I win and some days I do not. I am a creature of habit, a never ending patternĀ of highs and lows. Second guessing every thought before I even have time to process it. Constantly discounting myself… Continue reading Stay Calm, Sounds So Simple

An Open Letter To My Children

To my children, Although you are too young to understand what I am about to tell you, know that it is so important. You are theĀ centerĀ of my universe, you are the single most important thing.Ā I haven’t always been the best mother, I have struggled with addictions, mental health, and self esteem. I have not always… Continue reading An Open Letter To My Children

Hope for the best

We all go through rough patches. Some people will tell you I am negative. To be truthful, there is a part of me that always wonders why someone is nice to me, or why they want to help. I feel like I am constantly fighting, constantly struggling. I takes 5 steps forward only to be… Continue reading Hope for the best


I have so many things rushing through my brain these days. It is almost impossible to stop sometimes. In moments like this and days like today, it is the equivilant of a natural disaster in my mind.  I have always loved thunderstorms, the way it goes from calm to chaos. I have always loved the… Continue reading Thunderstorms

You Are Strong

Today I turn 32, aside from the “Happy Birthday’s” it couldn’t feel farther from a special day. My role as a parent isĀ automatic. I love my children with every ounce of my being, they are a handful though. To add to the fact they are children, we have all been through a lot. I am… Continue reading You Are Strong