She Was..

  She was the epitome of perseverance. Once again it had come full circle. Her only wish was acceptance for days past. After everything, it is unbelievable she is still smiling, still standing even. Sadly, many would have given up long ago. Believe me she had tried. A shattered mess, like so many times before.… Continue reading She Was..

Never Ending Carousel

Never ending carousel Everything in darkness Terrifying even Malevolence surrounds me Simply going through the motions Never stopping Never ending It was different before The ups never quite made up for the downs I felt incapable of love Unworthy even An object to be objectified Face with no voice Emotionless Spinning uncontrollably Never Ending…  … Continue reading Never Ending Carousel

Fly High 

As the sun began to rise she let go. Set free from the atrocities that prisoned her mind.  Set free from the demons that shackled her soul.  Sadness and sorrow fill every ounce of your being.  Remember the way she smiled. Remember the way she loved. Remember the excitement, the joy, the laughter.  Remember the… Continue reading Fly High